1. Must follow @alexandrafische on IG to be entered to win
2. Must purchase the Everyday is Halloween tank ONLINE ONLY to be entered to win
3. 1 Winner will be chosen at random 10/31/2017
4. Must be 18 at time of entry to win
5. Giveaway does NOT include travel or lodging expenses for the tattoo appointment, all expenses involved with travel is covered by the winning contestant.
6. Winner has until 6 months from contest drawing to redeem the tattoo portion of the prize. Prize will expire on 4/31/18 NO Exceptions.
7. Winner must contact Alexandra Fische directly to set up tattoo appointment.
8. Winner will be tattooed at: Philadelphia Tattoo Collective
9. Alexandra Fische reserves right to reject any person for any reason, as he sees fit.
10. BHC Contest winner will receive up to 5 hours of tattooing from Alexandra Fische, to be redeemed for 1 tattoo session only, if the tattoo requires more than 5 hours or winner chooses to shorten the length of the tattoo session, the remaining tattoo sessions will be at the winner’s expense.
11. All portions of the prize are non-transferable to any other individual.
12. Artist Tip is NOT Included! Don't be a dick.